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Amsterdam Dance Event was off the hook!

27 Oct

The other reason why I was in Amsterdam last weekend was because of the Amsterdam Dance Event, which brings music professionals to this wonderful Dutch city and gives out an awesome show. This year’s acts for the big event at the Heineken Music Hall were as follows: Timo Maas & Santos, Kaskade, Groove Armada, Pete Tong–and of course, Deadmau5!

I couldn’t believe I was going to listen to these great DJ’s perform in one roof. The fact that Deadmau5 was performing hooked me in; because Deadmau5 was on the roster, it was bound to be off the hook! I might add this was my first all-nighter event, as it ended at 6:00 a.m.

The people who showed up to this event were an interesting bunch. Most of the crowd was Dutch (obviously), but I encountered a few Americans (mostly giggling coeds from Connecticut), a Japanese guy, and a couple from the Southern Hemisphere. Some people decided to make it an early Halloween event, as noted by the Lego costumes and the Deadmau5 masks while observing people. I made some potential new friends, including a few Dutchmen who thought I was cool for some reason. They wanted me to move to the Netherlands and started spewing profanities about Vegas, calling it a town “for pussies.” Pretty random stuff.


This guy from Lelystad lifted me up. Literally.


Me with the Lelystad crew.


Me with a Deadmau5 mask.


Me being caressed by a Lego figurine.

The two best performers at this event were Groove Armada and Deadmau5 by far. I thought Groove Armada’s set was reminiscent of 80’s music and the singer (Saintsaviour) reminded me of Karen O. Deadmau5 on the other hand rocked the crowd with some old favorites, complete with “you have to be there to experience it” visuals and references to video games past.


Saint Saviour performing with Groove Armada.


Mr. Mau5 himself.

Although the music was by far nothing I’ve ever experienced before, I would have to say the Heineken Music Hall was a pig sty when the event started winding down. Not really a good way to end it all.

Obamamania in Amsterdam

25 Oct

Yes, Obamamania is alive and well. In Amsterdam.

President Obama and family in a bag at Albert Cupymarkt.

President Obama and family in a bag at Albert Cupymarkt.

The Obama elephant in Museumplein.

The Obama elephant in Museumplein.

Is an 11-hour bus ride worth it? Probably not.

23 Oct

I didn’t have £200 to fly to Amsterdam, so I had to take the bus getting there. I only paid £16 to hop on a Eurolines coach for a 10-hour ride that crisscrossed through France, Belgium, and the Netherlands (of course). While the scenery in some places were to die for, with autumn changing the colors of the leaves and the partly cloudy afternoons shining across the land, most of the drive passed through many, many, many industrial buildings and car dealerships (seriously). It was like driving through 200 versions of Santa Fe Springs.

The passengers on the coach were a unique bunch, especially two blokes who sat behind me. One of the first things the bus driver said as we left Victoria Coach Station was “no alcohol.” When the bus driver clearly states no alcohol, he means it. Then again, he’s not going to look at the back of the bus because he has to take 30-odd passengers to their final destination safely. So for law-abiding travelers like me, I have to sit through 11 hours with these two drunken blokes in unusually conversations and smell the waft of their burping, alcoholic air. I bet they’ve got a lot of cans and bottles of Strongbow lying around on the bus after we had arrived in Amsterdam. They mean well, but that’s just too much.

Perhaps I should book early and just fly next time, even though it may cost me more.

Off the Island and to Amsterdam–and its culinary highlights.

21 Oct

Tomorrow, I’m embarking on my first holiday outside London and visiting an old friend–Amsterdam. I love this place so much, I’ve been there twice. This trip will be my third time, and I’m hoping it’ll be as exciting as it should be–and in a non sequitur, I’ll be seeing Deadmau5 on Friday!

Of course, while visiting the sights, the canals, and meeting the people, I have to eat, of course! While Amsterdam is no culinary center whatsoever, I am looking forward to eating and drinking some of these items once again:

1) Stroopwafels-Literally means “syrup waffels” in Dutch, they’re just wholesome syrupy, crispy goodness. I regret not buying enough the last time I was in Amsterdam, but I won’t now!

2) Kroketten-It’s usually the fried, circular stuff I get every time I go to FEBO (a popular fast-food chain in the Netherlands). Good when you’re really, really hungry.

3) Nasi Goreng-I tried this Indonesian staple in California, but nothing compares to the Indonesian food in Amsterdam. The best Indonesian restaurants in Amsterdam are either in De Pijp or in Chinatown, near the red-light district.

4) Beer-That’s a no-brainer.