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DTF Nights–7/23/2010

25 Jul

I went out with some friends to Slidebar (a bar owned by the band Lit) because a friend of a friend is in this band called Stretford End. Unfortunately I came too late. However, I stayed around for a bit, talked to some of the members of Stretford End (they’re pretty cool guys once you get to know them) and saw the band ALEVELA. Pretty good stuff, but they should have stayed away from covering Lady Gaga’s “Bad Romance.” Here’s how it went down:

Linda, a Norwegian girl holding her cigarette.

Jerod, lead singer of Alevela

Ladies enjoying Alevela.

Not long after Alevela played Lady Gaga’s cover, me and my friends left. My friend HATES anything Lady Gaga–no wonder we left before the set was finished! So we headed to Palapa Grill, met up with some old high school friends and downed some fishbowls.

Since I’ve brought my camera around, people have a fascinating attraction with it. Ladies are willing to have their pictures taken and guys want all the attention.

So here’s how it went down:

Bartender at Palapa Grill showing off a fishbowl.

Bartenders at Palapa Grill

This was their first time to Downtown Fullerton. Welcome!

Luis, the birthday boy (left), with his friends. Happy Birthday!

Waiting to cross the street!

More birthday action.

We got all these pedestrians to join in on the action!

Prison for Bitches (LMAO)

14 Mar

I’ve been watching Lady Gaga’s “Telephone” music video featuring Beyonce, and it’s really fascinating to watch this eccentric woman do what she does best–shock and awe.

It’s a great visual work of art. It really is. Only a genius like Gaga would get away with a dress made entirely of crime scene tape and dancing in jail wearing only a bra and a thong.

The only problem with the video is Gaga herself. While she mesmerizes in the singing and dancing department, here acting skills are, well, sub-par. She comes off more like an amateur actress found in those high school plays rather than someone’s who had more experience in that field, like Beyonce, the better actress of the two. However, Gaga’s got a lot ahead of her, so she’s got lots of time to work on her acting if she’s going to make more long-form music videos.