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Thank You!

17 Aug

As I was checking out my usual blogs today, I found a pleasant surprise. I thank Tina from Read, Play, Love for awarding me with a Versatile Blogger Award. I really appreciate your comments and your wisdom and the fact that you’re from Orange County means we’ll probably meet at some point in the future.

Also, I’d like to thank the many people who read this column (blog) and make insightful comments in the process. I’ll try harder to be more interesting!

So once again:


12 Aug

I’ve made a few changes to The Ed Column in the past couple of weeks and if you haven’t noticed already, here are a few things I’ve introduced/changed:

More photos: The Ed Column will be more photo-intensive. After an event, I will get the photos uploaded into the system as soon as possible for your enjoyment. More photos means more interesting stuff.

Subscriptions: Like what your read in The Ed Column? The natural thing to do is to subscribe. To subscribe, scroll down to the Email subscription section on your right and click “Sign me up!” RSS is available under the RSS-Posts and RSS-Comments links.

Twitter: If you feel that what I write is compelling, why not tweet it? The tweet button is below every post.

Runaway comments: A couple of weeks ago, I wrote a post called “US Open of Brawling,” which has garnered a lot of hits on my blog and some nasty comments from both sides. The Ed Column is not the place to settle disputes that I have no control of. Settle your differences.

As promised, here’s your David Bowie moment for today:

Jaw-Dropping Statistics of Awesomeness

3 Aug

Did you know that The Ed Column increased its average weekly readership 942.63 per cent?

Did you know that I’m writing this on my bed…backwards?


So ladies (and gentlemen), should you read The Ed Column? You tell me.

But seriously, the increase in traffic has been largely unexpected and I thank all those who visit this blog regularly and those who discovered it. My post from Saturday is merely a public service so that unnecessary fights shouldn’t break out in public.

By the way: If you’re stuck on setting up your voicemail, this guy could help. You’re welcome.

A Few Small Repairs

27 Jun

The format’s the same, but the name’s different. Since I’m no longer living in London, I figured the name of the blog should change. I wanted something that would reflect where I live, but I could not find any suitable ideas. Instead, I got the idea from reading the Financial Times. There’s an influential column on the main section called The Lex Column. Outside the Underground is now The Ed Column.

Some other things I’ve added/updated is my biography (still in third person), a portfolio section (coming soon) and my CV/resume. Hopefully this will blossom as my freelancing/photography career grows.

Oh yeah, and I failed my $15 challenge, in case you didn’t know.