Off the Island and to Amsterdam–and its culinary highlights.

21 Oct

Tomorrow, I’m embarking on my first holiday outside London and visiting an old friend–Amsterdam. I love this place so much, I’ve been there twice. This trip will be my third time, and I’m hoping it’ll be as exciting as it should be–and in a non sequitur, I’ll be seeing Deadmau5 on Friday!

Of course, while visiting the sights, the canals, and meeting the people, I have to eat, of course! While Amsterdam is no culinary center whatsoever, I am looking forward to eating and drinking some of these items once again:

1) Stroopwafels-Literally means “syrup waffels” in Dutch, they’re just wholesome syrupy, crispy goodness. I regret not buying enough the last time I was in Amsterdam, but I won’t now!

2) Kroketten-It’s usually the fried, circular stuff I get every time I go to FEBO (a popular fast-food chain in the Netherlands). Good when you’re really, really hungry.

3) Nasi Goreng-I tried this Indonesian staple in California, but nothing compares to the Indonesian food in Amsterdam. The best Indonesian restaurants in Amsterdam are either in De Pijp or in Chinatown, near the red-light district.

4) Beer-That’s a no-brainer.

One Response to “Off the Island and to Amsterdam–and its culinary highlights.”

  1. katrina kay at 01:29 #

    omg, so jealous, this sounds amazing!

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