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1518 & RAW Artists @ Cinespace–8/5/10

7 Aug

Went to Cinespace a couple nights back. I rarely venture into Hollywood these days as I’m quite busy with so much stuff in La Mirada and Orange County in general. It was nice to visit Hollywood again. The reason I went up there was to check out this band that a friend of mine is a member of called 1518 (add them on Facebook). They had a stellar performance with their dancey-rock appeal at this event called RAW artists. Check out some of the pics from the event:





All the RAW Artists on stage (models included):

1518’s EP should be rolling out in a few months. I’ll keep you guys posted when I get the details. More pics from the event and from Hollywood on my flickr page.

Your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man?

12 Nov

As a frequent visitor to Hollywood when I lived in Los Angeles, I encounter a good number of impersonators and persons in costumes. What happens if a crime-fighting hero becomes the criminal? That’s what happened to this Spider-Man impersonator, Christopher Loomis, as he was caught by Los Angeles police after he allegedly assaulted a man near the Hollywood and Highland complex. Too bad his “spider-sense” didn’t let him escape, although he could get away with it in London as the police would have to do a lot of paperwork before even making an effort to catch him.

Note to self: Don’t give money to Spider-Man or any superhero lookalikes in Hollywood.