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Wind of Change

9 Nov

So it’s the 20th anniversary of the Berlin Wall. Even though this song came out two years after the fall of the Wall, this is the song I think of whenever the Berlin Wall comes to mind (and I’ve been playing this song all day as well…it’s a great song):

And in a somewhat unrelated note thousands of miles away in Washington, another sign that the wind of change is coming to the USA. Thank you to the 220 who brought the USA one step closer to fairer health care for all on Saturday night! Let’s hope for Senate approval!

Grateful to public health care

1 Nov

As I reflect on a horrible incident that happened to me (I was assaulted randomly this morning), I feel grateful that my health care is taken care of in the UK without worrying about spending a lot of money for treatment (and X-Rays). Though wait times aren’t as great, I was taken care of and sent off without worrying about co-pay or talking to some bean counter.

Here’s a Canadian example:

I wonder why people in the United States wouldn’t want to help their fellow man? When it’s about matters to health, shouldn’t our well-being take much importance?

Health care in the US is like going into an exclusive nightclub…

27 Oct

At least that’s what this video is trying to prove to you. I found it off LAist and if there’s a simple way to tell curious minds here in London or anywhere in Europe where getting health care is not so much a problem, this would be it. If you want to read LAist’s take on this video, here’s the link. Obviously, I think health care should be cost-effective and open to anybody. People shouldn’t be denied health care because they have a pre-existing condition or are bankrupt after years and years of costly treatments. Getting health care shouldn’t be like trying to get in a nightclub at all. Are you with me?