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Good Tidings

16 Dec


This has been a fascinating year for me (more on my year in review posts). I know I’ve been largely absent from the blogosphere, but my Facebook page and Twitter are always available. However, I feel I need to return to the blogosphere because there’s a lot of things you can’t say in just 140 characters.

That said, The Ed Column is now a temporary site for Ed Carrasco Photography. I am aiming to have a website dedicated to my photography and the like sometime in the next year, but for now this will suffice. While my Flickr and Facebook pages will focus on galleries, this blog site will focus on a select few and I’ll have my two cents on them.

I hope you’ve got your presents ready!

What Does Bureaucracy Look Like?

18 Apr

Jan Banning seems to know the answer in his gallery aptly titled “Bureaucratics.” The photos depict countless bureaucrats in eight different countries. Here’s a smidgen of these people you love to sneer at:

Photo courtesy of Jan Banning.

Photo courtesy of Jan Banning.

What’s Great About Posing With a Big Book?

13 Apr

I will embark on a photo project that I hope to complete by this summer and I’m looking for a few female models in the LA/OC area between the ages of 18-30. To sum it all up, it involves three things: a park or beach, the novel “Ulysses” by James Joyce and sunshine. If you like two out of the three things or all three, then we can probably work together.

THIS PHOTOSHOOT WILL HAVE NO NUDITY since it will be in a public place and it’s as tasteful as it’s going to get. Since this project will involve no pay (apart from possibly one or two drinks if you’re 21 and older), it’s only great for those looking to get their foot in the door. If you’re interested, please contact me at edfcarrasco [at] gmail [dot] com for more details.

Some of my portraits/examples are below: