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West End Weekend with Holly Golightly

12 Oct
The dazzling Anna Friel

The dazzling Anna Friel

I didn’t know until 30 minutes before the show that I was going to see “Breakfast at Tiffany’s.” I haven’t gotten around watching the movie, nor haven’t bothered to read the Truman Capote novella, but watching the play has been on my mind ever since Anna Friel’s lovely face was plastered on the Underground.

It was my first time watching a play in a major theater district ever. I haven’t even seen a Broadway play, mainly because I couldn’t fork $100 or have the patience to wait in line at TKTS. And don’t get me started on Los Angeles’s theater scene.

The show was at the Theatre Royal in Haymarket, which is one of the oldest surviving theatres in London. Anna Friel dazzles as Holly Golightly, the fun, elusive gal who attracts the awe of nearly every guy she meets. Joseph Cross stars opposite Friel as the aspiring Alabama-bred author William (mistakenly called Fred) Parsons. The rest of the cast make up for a bubbly yet dramatic performance, which follows the mystery of Ms. Golightly.

It was a great play I tell you. Friel and Cross’s chemistry made for good entertainment. However, the downside of the play was mostly technical issues; James Dreyfus needs better practice at his New York Jewish accent. It didn’t sound convincing at all.

Mind you, nudity was abound in this play, but it would be too NSFW for you too see the incriminating shots. In my opinion, the nudity was quite tasteful.