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Julian Collender: What’s Next?

30 Jul

About a few weeks after I reported on the rally in honor of Julian Collender, the Yorba Linda man killed by Brea police action, not much has been reported on it. Nothing. No rallies. No press releases. Nada.

When will the truth come out? What do the police have to say? What does the family have to say? I’ll keep you posted as soon as I get more information or if anyone in the blogosphere has any information.

On a related note, here’s a video posted on someone’s YouTube site on Julian Collender and his love for skateboarding:

Pretty. Lame. Stuff.

30 Jul

I was watching music videos on MTV for the first time in a long time–at 2AM. I got bored and I flipped through channels, then went back to MTV again. This is what I saw:

Pretty. Boy. Swag. Pretty. Boy. Swag. If Stevie from Malcolm in the Middle had a side job as a rapper, this is how he would rap. The rapping was so awful, it made Plies seem like the best rapper alive. If you didn’t recognize him, that was Soulja Boy Tellem. Don’t remember him? I’m sure this song would evoke wonderful memories:


So everybody. Pay. Attention. This. Is. Pretty lame. Stuff. EHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

Who is Jesse La Tour?

29 Jul

The few things I know about Jesse La Tour are as follows:

-He’s affiliated with the Hibbleton Gallery.

-He lives in Downtown Fullerton.

-He hosts Nerdy Thursday.

-He’s running for Fullerton City Council.

Hopefully I’ll find out a few more things to put on my list when I go to his kick-off event at the Hibbleton Gallery tonight from 6pm-Midnight. I’ll be covering it for local media, so catch up with me if you can!

“Jersey Shore” Positive for New Jersey? NJ Gov Says No.

29 Jul

I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw this on the news a couple of days ago:

The Guido reality show “Jersey Shore” is premiering its second season tonight and now they have finally become national icons. When you’ve rung the opening bell of the New York Stock Exchange and had one of its cast members in a feature profile in The New York Times, you know you’ve made it.

The antics of the “Jersey Shore” crew has brought needed money to the New Jersey economy, which is facing a budget. But Governor Chris Christie is not a fan of the show and would like the crew to go back to New York. His explanation begins on 4:31 in this video below:

It’s quite “The Situation” for New Jersey, but beggars can’t be choosers. If they help the economy, so be it. I’m going to tan and fist pump.

Strength Project in Huntington Beach

25 Jul

I went down to Huntington Beach to relax. As I was about to walk on the sand, I stumbled by this group of performers called “Strength Project” bust a few moves. It looked like capoeira to me, but it’s just some crazy breakdancing and awesome jumping stunts. Check this out:

Check them out on weekends near the Huntington Beach Pier and on their website. More pics will follow once the Flickr page is up and ready.

You Say Street Fighter, I Say “Pwnage”?

25 Jul


I have this friend who’s competitive. It’s not what you think. He’s competitive in…Street Fighter.

How does one do that? It’s by concentration and having a trunk full of tokens. It’s an expensive habit, but if it leads to cash prizes and conventions in Las Vegas, then it sure as hell must be worth it.

I went to see some friends tonight and we ended up in this dingy, dark, and nearly overcrowded arcade in Rowland Heights. Lots of teenage…dudes. I played some Street Fighter games–all involving a total ass-whooping either by a human or a CPU.

Anyway, my friend is in this tight-knit community of gamers that kick ass; competing against each other for total bragging rights and pwnage. However, the most interesting thing about this community is that they really care for each other. For instance, my friend told me of this story of this fighter in New York City who lost his home by fire. People in this fighter community found out about it and spread the word to raise money–all for this guy. Amazing. Even churches aren’t that generous.

This brings me to my point. I’m doing research on this community–not well known in the mainstream but very active. If you’re part of this community, I’d like to talk to you!

DTF Nights–7/23/2010

25 Jul

I went out with some friends to Slidebar (a bar owned by the band Lit) because a friend of a friend is in this band called Stretford End. Unfortunately I came too late. However, I stayed around for a bit, talked to some of the members of Stretford End (they’re pretty cool guys once you get to know them) and saw the band ALEVELA. Pretty good stuff, but they should have stayed away from covering Lady Gaga’s “Bad Romance.” Here’s how it went down:

Linda, a Norwegian girl holding her cigarette.

Jerod, lead singer of Alevela

Ladies enjoying Alevela.

Not long after Alevela played Lady Gaga’s cover, me and my friends left. My friend HATES anything Lady Gaga–no wonder we left before the set was finished! So we headed to Palapa Grill, met up with some old high school friends and downed some fishbowls.

Since I’ve brought my camera around, people have a fascinating attraction with it. Ladies are willing to have their pictures taken and guys want all the attention.

So here’s how it went down:

Bartender at Palapa Grill showing off a fishbowl.

Bartenders at Palapa Grill

This was their first time to Downtown Fullerton. Welcome!

Luis, the birthday boy (left), with his friends. Happy Birthday!

Waiting to cross the street!

More birthday action.

We got all these pedestrians to join in on the action!