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Would you ever live above a shop?

12 Oct

I’m not used to living above a shop (an abandoned one that is), let alone on a busy street. I thought the day I lived above a shop is the day I moved to New York. That never happened, so I’m living the dream here in London, in the (somewhat) quiet suburb of Kingston upon Thames.

I can hear everything from my room: the red double-deckers pulling into the bus stop, a couple of rice rockets (Yes, Virginia, rice rockets do exist in the UK), and some drunk blokes on a Thursday night (I’m one of those after 7-9 drinks). It doesn’t bother me when I go to sleep, unless the Fresher neighbors turn up the music with grime, horrible 90’s music, and Pixie Lott (step aside Lady GaGa!).

I’m from the suburbs for Christ’s sake, where the houses are spaced apart and where teenagers terrorize the neighbors by throwing eggs and decorating the place with toilet paper from the 99 Cents store. If I told people that my flat (apartment for all you North Americans) was above a shop, people would either be curious, from New York City, or assume something weird.

My question to you follows: Considering what I’m living through, would you ever live above a shop? Comments are great!