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What’s Great About Posing With a Big Book?

13 Apr

I will embark on a photo project that I hope to complete by this summer and I’m looking for a few female models in the LA/OC area between the ages of 18-30. To sum it all up, it involves three things: a park or beach, the novel “Ulysses” by James Joyce and sunshine. If you like two out of the three things or all three, then we can probably work together.

THIS PHOTOSHOOT WILL HAVE NO NUDITY since it will be in a public place and it’s as tasteful as it’s going to get. Since this project will involve no pay (apart from possibly one or two drinks if you’re 21 and older), it’s only great for those looking to get their foot in the door. If you’re interested, please contact me at edfcarrasco [at] gmail [dot] com for more details.

Some of my portraits/examples are below:

BEATMO + Love Grenades at Commonwealth, April 11, 2011

13 Apr

A couple of nights ago, after doing my monthly job of covering local government for a certain website in an undisclosed suburb southeast of Los Angeles, I headed straight to the Commonwealth Lounge in Downtown Fullerton. Why? To see Love Grenades. I had the pleasure of seeing the band open for Little Boots a couple of years back and I am enamored with the band’s flirty, sexy composition. Love Grenades has three things going for them: they’re sexy, they’re confident and they’re mighty talented. To pull off a sound reminiscent to ’60s girl groups in today’s overproduced, autotuned music industry is a great feat!




Before Love Grenades did her set, local heroes BEATMO (most of the band went to La Habra High) shined the audience with all their raw energy. While I’m trying my best to avoid comparisons, I have to say that BEATMO has some Yeah Yeah Yeahs elements…at least that’s what some of the band members that I talked to last night told me. They were right. Alexis (the lead singer) exhibited quite an energetic performance moving up and about throughout. This band deserves some love!



More pics from their gig are here.

Keep it posted here for last night’s photos and some darn good bands!

Community College

16 Aug

Today, I have set the odometer back a bit in my life. I’m back in community college*. Why? As I try to look for a permanent full-time job, I think it’s important that I improve on the skills that I need to go a step further. For instance, newspapers, especially local ones, are looking for people with good photographic skills. Even though I post club photos on a regular basis, I need to have the legitimacy as a photographer. So I’m trying to get added into a digital photography class considering I need the time for a part-time job to fund this venture.

As I stepped foot on the campus for the first time in three years, I noticed some significant changes. First of all, I was turned away from the parking structure for the first time ever because it was filled up. Filled up. Nice. Luckily I found parking in the back, so I can’t really complain, but tomorrow’s another day.

I quote Tupac: “Some things will never change.”

*Unless I fail to enroll in the classes I’m petitioning.

Arabian Prince at Continental Room–8/13/10

15 Aug

I admit I’m quite superstitious, but I couldn’t pass an opportunity to see a member of N.W.A (It has no period in the end of the name, so don’t be yelling at me and saying it’s a typo!)–Arabian Prince. So I head to the Continental Room and I noticed that they had a new dancefloor. Nice dark wood paneling I must say. The guy who said he was the owner said that the Continental Room was almost done with its renovation and it’s looking good for them. The drinks are still pricey, but when you’ve got world-class acts like Arabian Prince and 2 Live Crew (I’m still kicking myself for not showing up last month) coming to Fullerton, the renovations are sure as hell worth it.

The music spinned by Arabian Prince and the other DJ’s were mostly 90’s hip-hop and R&B, so of course it was like back in the day when plaid shirts were in fashion (and they’re somewhat in fashion now). While I’m not much of a fan of 90’s hip-hop and R&B, I was ecstatic when they played “Return of the Mack” by Mark Morrison. Here’s some eye candy for you:









More pics available on my Flickr. If you need my photographic abilities for your corporate function, after party, club event, birthday party or any party, contact me at edfcarrasco [at] gmail.com. Rates are competitive and negotiable.

DTF Nights–8/12/10

13 Aug

I didn’t know Back Alley Bar & Grill had a resident DJ on Thursdays. Usually, when I go to Back Alley, it’s usually to listen to a live band and watch my friends play billiards. Now there’s people who would normally not go to this bar dancing to Top 40 music. i say good for Back Alley for diversifying. Here’s some pics of last night’s action:









More pics on my flickr page (Some pics are NSFW).

Weezer (featuring Hot Hot Heat)–8/7/10

7 Aug

I have fulfilled one of my lifetime goals today…to see Weezer live! Yes, and Hot Hot Heat came out to play today. While Hot Hot Heat’s set was so-so, I have to say that Rivers Cuomo and the gang put on a great set, playing the classics like Buddy Holly, Hash Pipe and Beverly Hills along with some new ones. Oh yes and Weezer is nth band that did a Lady Gaga cover. Is Lady Gaga that influential? Enjoy some of the pics:









Hot Hot Heat:


More fans:




More pics available on my Flickr page! Subscribe to my blog now so you won’t miss a thing!

US Open of Surfing–7/31/10

3 Aug

The reason I was at the US Open of Surfing wasn’t to watch two groups of people pummel the crap out of each other. I was there for the cool vibes, the kick-ass surf and much more. Check some of my pics out:








More photos on this Flickr album.

The $15 Challenge! Day 1

22 Jun

In case you were wondering, let me remind you I no longer live in London. As much as I would love to spend a summer by the Thames, complain about the shit weather, it would be fiscally unwise for me to do so since it would be hard for me as an American to get a job–even a part-time one–with a student visa. Now I live at home and I’m trying to get to that familiar feeling.

With no job and loans to pay back, I had a talk with Julie a couple of weeks ago about what it would be like to spend less money, especially in a quite pricey place like Los Angeles. OK, Los Angeles is no London, but things like food (especially bread–watch for my rant on bread prices soon) and entertainment cost a lot. I mentioned this article I found in the Guardian a year ago about a journalist named Stuart Jeffries who was trying to spend only £10 in one week (not including bills). He succeeded. I figured me and Julie should try it out, but instead of £10, it would be adjusted to $15 (exchange rate as of June 21, 2010). Today is my first day.

RULES: The $15 challenge began today (June 21) at 6:00 a.m. PDT and will end on Monday, June 28 at 5:59 a.m. PDT. Like the original Chinese experiment that inspired Jeffries, the challenge does not include spending “on accommodation costs or other regular debits such as fuel bills, council tax, etc.” Anything else is fair game, including transport and food.


Woke up at 10 a.m., a few hours after my self-imposed 6:00 a.m. start. The reason was I woke up in the middle of the night to call some professors in the UK about my grades. Luckily I passed all the papers for the said professors. Now I can sleep easily knowing I’m doing well.

While I was tempted to get myself one of those breakfast sandwiches from Carl’s Jr., I opted to eat Muesli, which I figured would be my breakfast for the next few days. Then I’ll just get sick of it. When I was living in England, I had three options: I either skipped breakfast because I woke up at a late time, bought a pastry from the canteen or had muesli. On the weekends, it expanded to four–the last option was a full breakfast at a pub (usually at a Wetherspoons because it’s cheap).

I spent most of the morning reading the Financial Times and looking for work, but most of the jobs either didn’t interest me or I was unqualified.

Nobody cooked anything for lunch, so I settled with just making a turkey sandwich with cheese. Not bad, but I ate my mom’s leftovers from work for lunch as well since the turkey sandwich could only sustain me for so long.

For dinner, me and the family got In N Out burgers and fries, but I had to drive there myself. However, my tank was nearly empty. Luckily, my mom foot the bill for gasoline and the burgers. The burgers were delicious by the way.

As the clock approaches midnight, I start to wonder what else I won’t be able to spend for the rest of the week. Takeout is not an option, unless it’s part of a 99 cent menu. Magazines would chew up most of my restricted disposable income. I can’t drink as much or offer drinks. This must suck. But hey, I can do it.

Money spent on my own today: $0

Money still left: $15

The Hate-C

29 Oct

If anyone here in London has an image of Orange County (where I’m from in case you didn’t know), they think of sandy beaches, hot girls sunbathing in their bikinis, and of course, “The O.C.” and “Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County” (please). But did you know Orange County also has a lot of racist wackos that make Nick Griffin look like Mother Teresa? In fact, it’s sort of a way of life for some people.

I’ve been reading through the OC Weekly, and it’s funny because there’s not a single day when they aren’t covering the haters. They tag the stories “The Hilarious Haters.” Yes, we have haters–lots of them, such as Orly Taitz, who believes that President Barack Obama shouldn’t be in office because he was born in Kenya. She’s the anointed leader of the “birther” movement as we call it in the States. Then you have the Neo-Nazi groups that are scattered countywide. Then the list goes on and on.

Orly Taitz, Obama-hater

So visitor beware, there are haters abound.