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The Hate-C

29 Oct

If anyone here in London has an image of Orange County (where I’m from in case you didn’t know), they think of sandy beaches, hot girls sunbathing in their bikinis, and of course, “The O.C.” and “Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County” (please). But did you know Orange County also has a lot of racist wackos that make Nick Griffin look like Mother Teresa? In fact, it’s sort of a way of life for some people.

I’ve been reading through the OC Weekly, and it’s funny because there’s not a single day when they aren’t covering the haters. They tag the stories “The Hilarious Haters.” Yes, we have haters–lots of them, such as Orly Taitz, who believes that President Barack Obama shouldn’t be in office because he was born in Kenya. She’s the anointed leader of the “birther” movement as we call it in the States. Then you have the Neo-Nazi groups that are scattered countywide. Then the list goes on and on.

Orly Taitz, Obama-hater

So visitor beware, there are haters abound.