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Microsoft Store? Really?

5 Jul

Apart from owning an iPhone, I am pro-Microsoft. I have always used a PC and while it has its flaws (viruses, Windows Vista, etc.), it has done wonders for me. But I’m not sure if Microsoft will do well on this venture.

Here I am with a friend killing time before watching Toy Story 3 at Fashion Valley in San Diego a couple of nights ago, when I see this glitzy, wood-floored store that just opened. Looks nice–it has seemingly friendly staff and some awesome computers. Looks like one of those Apple Stores. It isn’t. It’s the aptly-titled Microsoft Store, and San Diego is one of four locations in the country (it just opened less than two weeks ago). The problem is it looks like a wannabe Apple Store. Seriously? You need to copy nearly all the Apple Store’s characteristics in order to compete with them? C’mon.

If you need more info about the Microsoft Store, click here.

Pacific Beach: Rough and Rowdy?

5 Jul

So I spent my weekend down in San Diego with a couple of friends, enjoying the nice weather and wondering when this weekend will ever end.

From what friends told me years and years back, Pacific Beach has a notorious reputation of being a boozy, sleazy place where beer flowed like rivers and that it was a never-ending party–especially on Independence Day.

When I went there, it wasn’t a Bacchanal–rather it seemed muted. Maybe it’s the Beach Booze ban or maybe the marine layer kept the sunshine away, but it was surprisingly relaxed. Granted a couple of douchebags tried to start shit with me, but otherwise it was festive and somewhat orderly.

Here’s a few pics from PB: