Amsterdam Dance Event was off the hook!

27 Oct

The other reason why I was in Amsterdam last weekend was because of the Amsterdam Dance Event, which brings music professionals to this wonderful Dutch city and gives out an awesome show. This year’s acts for the big event at the Heineken Music Hall were as follows: Timo Maas & Santos, Kaskade, Groove Armada, Pete Tong–and of course, Deadmau5!

I couldn’t believe I was going to listen to these great DJ’s perform in one roof. The fact that Deadmau5 was performing hooked me in; because Deadmau5 was on the roster, it was bound to be off the hook! I might add this was my first all-nighter event, as it ended at 6:00 a.m.

The people who showed up to this event were an interesting bunch. Most of the crowd was Dutch (obviously), but I encountered a few Americans (mostly giggling coeds from Connecticut), a Japanese guy, and a couple from the Southern Hemisphere. Some people decided to make it an early Halloween event, as noted by the Lego costumes and the Deadmau5 masks while observing people. I made some potential new friends, including a few Dutchmen who thought I was cool for some reason. They wanted me to move to the Netherlands and started spewing profanities about Vegas, calling it a town “for pussies.” Pretty random stuff.


This guy from Lelystad lifted me up. Literally.


Me with the Lelystad crew.


Me with a Deadmau5 mask.


Me being caressed by a Lego figurine.

The two best performers at this event were Groove Armada and Deadmau5 by far. I thought Groove Armada’s set was reminiscent of 80’s music and the singer (Saintsaviour) reminded me of Karen O. Deadmau5 on the other hand rocked the crowd with some old favorites, complete with “you have to be there to experience it” visuals and references to video games past.


Saint Saviour performing with Groove Armada.


Mr. Mau5 himself.

Although the music was by far nothing I’ve ever experienced before, I would have to say the Heineken Music Hall was a pig sty when the event started winding down. Not really a good way to end it all.

2 Responses to “Amsterdam Dance Event was off the hook!”

  1. Cat October 28, 2009 at 10:12 #

    dude! looks like a good time! not studying much i see…

  2. Cat October 28, 2009 at 10:13 #

    i personally love rotterdam (had such an awesome time there). but, i have yet to visit amsterdam soo…

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