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The origin of @strictmachines

27 Oct

Some people on the twittersphere wonder where my name “strictmachines” came from. After all, it isn’t as straightforward as say “edfcarrasco,” but a name’s a name. I just wanted to stand out so here’s a little story:

Many, many, many moons ago, when I was still living in California, my roommate gave me a sampling of his music collection, which ranged from Benny Benassi to Deadmau5. One of the songs in his collection was Benny Benassi’s remix of Goldfrapp’s “Strict Machine.” After listening to it for a while, I was convinced this was a pretty cool song, so I changed my twitter name and added an s. Now you know.

Here’s the link to “Strict Machine,” and a link to my other favorite Goldfrapp song, “Ooh La La.” Enjoy!