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So what’s the big deal about this call girl?

22 Nov

After the stunning revelation that an American expatriate scientist in Bristol named Brooke Magnanti spent the first part of the noughties as a clandestine Internet celebrity specializing in the world’s oldest profession, I think it’s clear to understand my point of view about my views regarding the subject.

I was in the laundrette (laundromat for you North Americans) today and I read a copy of today’s Daily Mail on Sunday which featured an interview with Magnanti’s father (and pictures of Magnanti when she was living in the USA) and his reaction to his estranged daughter’s ways of keeping up with the bills. It turns out that father and daughter haven’t spoken in years, which the father blames on his post-divorce habits, which included a crack-cocaine addiction and get this–paying for prostitutes. Like father like daughter?

The middle aged lady in the laundrette and I had a somewhat brief conversation, and she thought it was dangerous that Magnanti ever got into the profession because someone could have harmed her. I seem to concur with that conclusion.

However, I don’t think it’s a bad idea that she wants to sell her body to the highest bidder. Not that I seem to fancy a call girl at the moment, but I believe in the free enterprise. A woman (or a man) should choose how to run their finances in legal means possible. Sure, she could get a job, but if she needed the money, there are better ways than stealing or selling drugs (a big no-no). Prostitution, after all, is legal in the United Kingdom so long as she’s not street walking and making a scene.

Then again…a whore is a whore, or, as Ludacris would put it, “Yous a ho!”