The Story So Far…Early 2011 Edition

9 Jan

I guess you must be wondering what I’ve been up to these days since my last blog post in September. Well, I’m technically out of the unemployment category and I’m a freelance writer and photographer. The last three months, I have been quite incognito in the blog as I was a listings collector for Patch, a hyperlocal platform covering many communities throughout the United States. I can’t really be blogging and inadvertently spilling trade secrets at the same time.  As for articles, most of my work has been published through Patch and Orange Coast magazine. Most of the editors so far have been very good to work with, and I’m hoping to be doing more work for these publications (and more) in the future.

If you’ve enjoyed my photos last summer, prepare for more nightlife photos in the coming weeks. I’ll be getting my first external flash, so expect better pictures and more interesting characters that will haunt this periphery. In addition to nightlife/event photos, I’ll be showcasing some of my artistic photography here and maybe a new website will be in the works.






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