Middle School Reunion?

12 Aug

This is what I looked like in junior high when my parents sent me to a Catholic school for three years:

Don’t I look so different? I’ve been thinking about this certain topic lately, mostly because a friend of mine was talking about being invited to an elementary school reunion–and she planned to go. I can definitely put that out of the question because even though I made some pretty cool friends in elementary school, it’s been ages since I’ve talked to them. OK, how about going to a middle school reunion. NOPE, and here are some of the frequently asked questions, if any:

The first question is: Why? Despite the last minute camaraderie in the last couple of months before graduation, I feel I have not much connection with any of my classmates. Sure, I would bump into a couple of them once in a while or make a comment on their Facebook pages, but it doesn’t translate into hanging out and making more memories. Plus, I was bullied nearly every day I was attending the school. Did I mention one of the bullies poked me in the a** with a compass so bad I needed a tetanus shot? I think he was trying to express his latent homosexuality (not that there’s anything wrong with being gay–just saying).

I’m pretty sure you had some close friends. I did. However, since high school, we’ve drifted further and further apart. The last time I saw her was when her brother died (it was his 1st death anniversary a couple of days ago–RIP) and I went to the wake and funeral. I mean she’s been quite a good friend for all these year, but it’s just a case of friends drifting apart. As for the others, it’s the same thing.

Don’t you want to show off how much you’ve accomplished? I’m only 24 years old. I haven’t accomplished much apart from getting a regular flow of readers on my blog, a bachelor’s degree in English from UCLA, a (soon-to-be) master’s degree in Journalism at Kingston University and having wonderful, amazing friends. I know there’s people in my 27-member Class of 2000 who has attended prestigious schools such as MIT and has good, stable jobs with defense contractors, financial services, etc., but I don’t feel it’s the time to boast about anything–at least on my part. However, I do know some people who had the potential (like the valedictorian of the class) but are wasting away as bartenders. So much for early potential, eh?

Why do you seem bitter? Perhaps I didn’t have the balls to stand up for myself when I was at that stage. I let people bully me, and it’s largely because of two things. I had little self-confidence and the strict rules of the Catholic school were not in my favor.

So it’s been ten years since I graduated from middle school and no one from that class has bothered to hold a reunion. If it happened, the only people that would show up would be the populars–some of them have kids in elementary school already! Obviously I wouldn’t be surprised at all. The rest of us, should he or she bother to send invitations, would either politely decline or not show up. It wouldn’t have been fun anyway.

“Oh well I guess I mustn’t grumble, I suppose that’s just the way the cookie crumbles.” -Lily Allen

One Response to “Middle School Reunion?”

  1. MarQ August 12, 2010 at 23:15 #

    funny, I wrote a very similar post to this when I ran into an old middle school classmate sometime last year:


    looks like we’re both pretty bitter about our catholic middle school years.

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