12 Aug

I’ve made a few changes to The Ed Column in the past couple of weeks and if you haven’t noticed already, here are a few things I’ve introduced/changed:

More photos: The Ed Column will be more photo-intensive. After an event, I will get the photos uploaded into the system as soon as possible for your enjoyment. More photos means more interesting stuff.

Subscriptions: Like what your read in The Ed Column? The natural thing to do is to subscribe. To subscribe, scroll down to the Email subscription section on your right and click “Sign me up!” RSS is available under the RSS-Posts and RSS-Comments links.

Twitter: If you feel that what I write is compelling, why not tweet it? The tweet button is below every post.

Runaway comments: A couple of weeks ago, I wrote a post called “US Open of Brawling,” which has garnered a lot of hits on my blog and some nasty comments from both sides. The Ed Column is not the place to settle disputes that I have no control of. Settle your differences.

As promised, here’s your David Bowie moment for today:

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