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10 Aug

I don’t know why JFK’s assassination has been a theme of some of the TV shows I’ve been watching lately. It’s not even November 22nd. Perhaps it might have been that Mad Men marathon a couple of weeks back before the season premiere with the episode that focused on the Kennedy assassination. Then just recently, I read this obituary of this singer named Bobby Hebb who was best known for writing this song called “Sunny.” Never heard about it–until now. Apparently, he wrote this song in response to Kennedy’s assassination and the stabbing death of his brother the night after. Though he found comfort in songwriting after these tragedies, Hebb denied it was linked to them, saying he was just “looking for a brighter day.” Thus a wonderful song was born.

It’s a great, confident song. Does make me look at the bright side of life. No surprise that many artists, including Frank Sinatra and Stevie Wonder, have covered this song.