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Should Coffeehouses Get Rid of Wi-Fi?

8 Aug

OK, I think a lot of us have done it before. We find a coffeehouse that has Wi-Fi and spend long hours with one coffee and surf the internet. But now there’s a backlash to laptop guy.

In today’s Los Angeles Times Business section, I found an article by Jessica Guynn about how more coffeehouses are pulling the plug on Wi-Fi and making it harder for people with laptops to plug in their power. Why?  It’s hurting their bottom line. Basically, some people spend long hours using up the Wi-Fi while not spending enough on coffee or other stuff. In short, while many complain about coffeehouses pulling the plug, others praise them because they have no Wi-Fi.

As for me, I try to avoid going to my local coffeehouse for Wi-Fi for these reasons:

Not enough space and/or sockets: It seems like almost every time I bring my laptop for the Wi-Fi, most places either don’t have enough room or sockets to give my laptop some juice.

Slow Wi-Fi: If it’s slow, how can I do my work?

Distractions: Honestly, I don’t get work done if I have easy access to the Internet for obvious reasons.

While I agree that Wi-Fi has the potential to attract customers to establishments, it doesn’t necessarily mean it will bring more money. Perhaps it would be best to stick to guaranteeing a good cup of coffee and maybe, just maybe, some good music.

What do you think? Is Wi-Fi a necessity in the coffeehouse or a burden to the true purpose of it? I’d really, really want to hear from you, so you better comment!

Slowing the War on Drugs

8 Aug

On the way to the Weezer concert on the beach, I passed a demonstration for Proposition 19, an upcoming ballot measure in California that would essentially legalize marijuana and generate revenue (e.g. taxes). Most of the demonstrators were under 25 and surprisingly it didn’t reek of marijuana. I’m no marijuana user, but I think it’s high time (no pun intended) to treat marijuana as different as alcohol or other legalized substances. It’s time to stop punishing users of marijuana and hauling them away to jail for unnecessary sentences.

The only thing Prop 19 supporters must do besides holding demonstrations on busy intersections is to actually vote for this measure.








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