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US Open of Surfing–7/31/10

3 Aug

The reason I was at the US Open of Surfing wasn’t to watch two groups of people pummel the crap out of each other. I was there for the cool vibes, the kick-ass surf and much more. Check some of my pics out:








More photos on this Flickr album.

“Y’all need to hide your kids, hide your wife!”

3 Aug

I have a feeling this would be part of a Family Guy cutaway someday, so y’all better hide your kids, hide your wife, ‘coz he’s coming out for you!

…and 4,120,352 views for a local news story from Huntsville, Alabama? Either Antoine, the reporter, or the station must be doing something right. So you can run and tell that, homeboy!

Jaw-Dropping Statistics of Awesomeness

3 Aug

Did you know that The Ed Column increased its average weekly readership 942.63 per cent?

Did you know that I’m writing this on my bed…backwards?


So ladies (and gentlemen), should you read The Ed Column? You tell me.

But seriously, the increase in traffic has been largely unexpected and I thank all those who visit this blog regularly and those who discovered it. My post from Saturday is merely a public service so that unnecessary fights shouldn’t break out in public.

By the way: If you’re stuck on setting up your voicemail, this guy could help. You’re welcome.