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Julian Collender: What’s Next?

30 Jul

About a few weeks after I reported on the rally in honor of Julian Collender, the Yorba Linda man killed by Brea police action, not much has been reported on it. Nothing. No rallies. No press releases. Nada.

When will the truth come out? What do the police have to say? What does the family have to say? I’ll keep you posted as soon as I get more information or if anyone in the blogosphere has any information.

On a related note, here’s a video posted on someone’s YouTube site on Julian Collender and his love for skateboarding:

Pretty. Lame. Stuff.

30 Jul

I was watching music videos on MTV for the first time in a long time–at 2AM. I got bored and I flipped through channels, then went back to MTV again. This is what I saw:

Pretty. Boy. Swag. Pretty. Boy. Swag. If Stevie from Malcolm in the Middle had a side job as a rapper, this is how he would rap. The rapping was so awful, it made Plies seem like the best rapper alive. If you didn’t recognize him, that was Soulja Boy Tellem. Don’t remember him? I’m sure this song would evoke wonderful memories:


So everybody. Pay. Attention. This. Is. Pretty lame. Stuff. EHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!