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DTF Nights–7/22/2010

24 Jul

After the Nerdy Thursdays event, me and some friends decided to check out bustling Downtown Fullerton nightlife. Here’s what I’ve discovered:

Cute couple

More to come when my Flickr account is in full operation. Should be available by Sunday. I’ll keep you posted!

Nerdy Thursdays–7/22/2010

24 Jul

Quite an intimate crowd at Nerdy Thursdays, hosted by Jesse La Tour (He’s running for Fullerton City Council this November. Hopefully I can interview him after his election rally). I couldn’t believe they would ask questions about Danny Glover! To think I could stump people in trivia, but not on anything related to Danny Glover.

The World's Worst Comedian

"Is it A) Operation Dumbo Drop?"

The night's resident poet.

Daniel Noah Garcia