Interesting Thursdays

22 Jul

What I’ll be doing for the rest of the day instead of moping around:

1) City of La Mirada’s 50th Anniversary Concert at Neff Park

If you were to drive around my town, the first thing you would have not noticed is that La Mirada is 50 years old. That’s right. The big 5-0. AARP status. My question is this. How come the city didn’t tell the whole world about this? Where’s the banners? The announcements? The nice stationery? Who knows, but it’s a bummer that a nice, pleasant city is keeping mum about its age *wink*. But here’s something. At least there’s a concert to celebrate the city’s 50th anniversary. Too bad it had to come in the form of a press release. Hopefully, I’m sure the economy will be much better when it turns 60.

(Side Note: I’ll be trying the tri-tip sandwich at one of the booths. I’ll let you know how it tastes.)

2) Nerdy Thursdays at the Hibbleton Art Gallery, 112 W. Wilshire Ave., Fullerton, CA 92832

According to the OC Weekly, Nerdy Thursdays is “not your average variety show–think Jeopardy! meets Revenge of the Nerds.” Now you’re talking. I’ll be wearing my glasses especially for this. Here’s the listing.

Hopefully in both events, I’ll be bring my camera.

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