On Education

5 Mar

Yesterday, while I was doing research on my presentation for a lecture on Monday, some of my friends in California have protested against budget cuts on education, especially colleges and universities. I fear that the same thing could happen to UK universities as well, which could face cuts over the next few years.

The funny thing is, with California’s budget ballooning into dangerous territory, you would think they spend a lot of money on services like education. Wrong. Even with Proposition 98, which guarantees funding for education in the California Constitution, it ranks low in spending. Then again, does spending huge amounts of money on education guarantee the best results? I don’t think so.

However, it’s important that politicians in California need to know their priorities. We cannot be proud of California unless we can make things better for its people. While cuts are inevitable in other department, it is essential that services that improve the quality of education should be protected as much as possible, and if cuts are needed, that it would not affect the quality of education.

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