Local news going iPhone bound

1 Feb

The local newspaper will soon make its way into iPhone applications as they find new ways to reach their audience in light of falling circulation.

Newspapers such as Kent on Sunday and the Manchester Evening News have launched applications in the past few months with thousands of users downloading them.

Ben Edwards, the marketing manager for Kent on Sunday iPhone app developer PageSuite Ltd., said that he was pleased with the positive response surrounding the app despite the fact that the newspaper did little marketing prior to launch.

He added that the app would give local customers two different ways to read the news and would tap into the commuter demographic who use iPhones too keep them updated with the news as they head to work.

Edwards said: “It’s perfect for [readers] when they commute into London.”

Not only do these iPhone apps give readers the news, but also search for jobs, property and cars, which Edwards said would benefit both readers and advertisers alike.

He said: “This is great for customers on the go, giving local readers another channel to find exactly what they want. It is great for advertisers too, as their jobs, cars and houses are available to anyone with the app – which ultimately increases sales.”

While Edwards envisioned a future for more iPhone apps, Gavin Merriman, head of product development for Guardian Media Group’s Regional & Manchester Evening News Media, stated his pleasure of the response from the Evening News’s iPhone app.

Merriman said: “We’ve had over 10,000 downloads in the first 3 months with users typically viewing 3 articles per day.”

He said that the iPhone app was “a very welcome addition” to the list of the Evening News’s other networks.

Merriman said: “[It’s] giving our readers even more choice.”

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