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On Harry Brown

27 Nov

Instead of enjoying nice warm pieces of turkey smothered in cranberry sauce and gravy (of the Mang Tomas kind), I ended up spending Thanksgiving night at the cinemas. I was disappointed to not get tickets to see “Paranormal Activity,” so I settled for “Harry Brown” instead. Dare I say this has to be one of the best films I’ve seen all year? I like the theme of revenge and taking back one’s neighborhood that is evident throughout the film, where groups of yobs have a council estate in London under siege. 

Harry Brown (portrayed by the great Michael Caine) represents a guy who just wants to live quietly to become a vigilante, Charles Bronsonesque hero of the 21st-century. Take that you yob scum! 

It’s no ordinary revenge film, and I’m not in the business to spoil it for you, but watch the film if you have the chance.

I <3 Busking

27 Nov

If there’s anything in London I find fascinating, it has to be that person inside the Underground singing a song:

However, the London Evening Standard claims that “Buskers who play their music too loud are putting the hearing of commuters at risk.” The article also claims that some of the music reached beyond 100 decibels–“the same level as a plane landing at Heathrow.”

Though the London Evening Standard is giving the noise a bad rap, listening to music on the Underground, or anywhere in London, is WAY better than hearing the two girls behind as I’m about to go from one line to another talk about Jedward. And don’t wish for any Jedward types performing on the Underground!

On a related note, this was my perception of buskers long before I visited (and lived in) London. I also blame this video for making me think that London is a romantic city:

Race/Ethnicity Questionnaire

27 Nov

I won’t name and shame this particular employer, but I was applying for a Christmas job and one of the questions asked me for my ethnicity. Here are the choices as follows:

-White British


-White Other




-Asian Other




-Black Other

-Mixed White/Black

-Mixed White/Asian

Considering I’m Filipino, guess which one I chose. Oh, and Happy Thanksgiving to my fellow Americans!