Go Pac-man Go!

13 Nov

The only thing that I miss about not being around a lot of Filipinos is when Manny Pacquiao fights. When you’re in a Filipino home whenever the Pac-Man has a boxing match, it feels very rowdy and extremely loud. Think of drunk titos yelling at the screen hoping that Pacquiao’s opponent fails–and fails badly.

It’s a pretty fascinating dynamic, and if you know a Filipino who’s going to watch the fight, try to tag along with him or her. Saturday night’s no different as Pacquiao will face Puerto Rican boxer Miguel Cotto in Las Vegas (of course!).

But, of course, Pacquiao’s influence goes further than beating the crap out of his opponents and making Filipino homes qualify for an ASBO (that’s anti-social behaviour ordinance for you North Americans–although no such thing exists in the USA or Canada). He has a charitable heart, and has inspired many Filipino men to look at boxing as a way out of the hardships they face in the Philippines.

My next question is: Any Filipinos in London want to let me in their homes and watch the Pacquiao-Cotto fight?

Below is a recent interview with Pacquiao from the Los Angeles Times.

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