¡Adios, Señor Dobbs!

12 Nov

Well, this was quite unexpected. Lou Dobbs, the famous anti-illegal immigrant cum “birther” ranter, is “pursuing other options” and leaving CNN immediately. I’m not sure what pursuing other options means to Dobbs, but I’m hoping the guys at CNN are sick of his narrow-minded views.

When I lived in the states, I admit I watched his show occasionally, but didn’t agree with nearly all his views. The only matter Lou and I could agree on is his efforts to protect the middle class from the overarching influence of corporations. All his other opinions, including his unwavering stance on illegal immigration and questioning Obama’s citizenship, are just garbage.

It wouldn’t surprise me if he ends up at Fox News, but he’s going to compete with Glenn Beck, Bill-O, and Hannity. Good luck. So farewell, Mr. Dobbs, and don’t let the door hit you on the way out!

To listen to Lou’s swan’s song, click here.

One Response to “¡Adios, Señor Dobbs!”

  1. Longshot at 01:09 #

    Hey if your an Illegal. ADIOS TO YOU BUD!
    I m a 1,000% Democrat. But also am adamant in ridding our country from Illegals no matter where they’re from. No, Dobbs isn’t going to FOX. He’s going to run for Office. Anybody with ears and comprehension could understand that speech. It was crystal clear. Now to what degree of office remains to be seen. But hearing his words of his main focal point of Middle Class, Health Care, Environment & Middle East Wars. I’d welcome another Democrat Candidate with some common sense.

    BTW I’m from Italian Ancestry by way of LEGAL IMMIGRANTS.

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