Swine flu vaccine: Any takers?

3 Nov

I went to the GP’s office today to ask if I qualify for the swine flu vaccine. Obviously, since there’s a high priority for those with underlying conditions, pregnant women, and health care workers, I will have to wait later for my shot. Next week.

My reasoning for considering taking the shot stems from the fact that I lived with health care workers nearly all my life. My mum’s a nurse, so she works in one of the most virus and disease ridden places you can think of–the hospital. Of course, as diseases can travel–especially swine flu, it could come into my home. More reason to take preventative care.

However, some have noted that they won’t consider taking the swine flu vaccine, and that I should think about it before making a GP visit. Although I somewhat agree with their point that I should think about it further, Ben Sherwood thinks I should “Stop Worrying and Roll Up [My] Sleeve.” Sherwood argues that we have our worries about something new, such as this vaccine, but it doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t protect ourselves from getting sick. Swine flu is no exception.

I’m not arguing that we should blindly listen to EVERYTHING the pharmaceutical industry tells us to take (at least in the U.S. where 3-minute commercials discuss the benefits and the side effects–a lot of it–of medications), but if a significant number of people are dying each day from this, then the benefits outweigh the risks in taking the vaccine.

One Response to “Swine flu vaccine: Any takers?”

  1. Cat at 11:30 #

    at least you can get the shot… all my schools have been closing down and everyone around me is sick… but i still fine. (knock on wood)

    so you’re getting it next week? what category do fall under? 😉

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