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Grilled Cheese Truck: What Will Angelenos Think of Next?

26 Oct

If anyone here in London ever asks me where the best places to eat in Los Angeles, I would direct them to Kogi (a unique taco truck[s]) or In-N-Out (best burgers by none). I may have to recommend another one soon. Folks, tomorrow is the birth of the (drumroll please)…

Grilled Cheese Truck.

You heard me, a Grilled Cheese Truck. But, according to its website, it’s not just your average Kraft cheese slice with white bread. Picture this: Any choice of bread with cheeses like mozzarella and Monterey Jack stuffed with things like basil or fresh tomatoes. Pretty much, it’s like bringing the high-end cafe in Beverly Hills or Santa Monica to the many streets of Los Angeles.

Now, I wonder, if London ever had a high-profile food truck, what would it serve? I have a couple of ideas:

1) Tikka Masala with Chips.

2) A Doner Kebap burrito

3) A ton of savoury pies, any way you want it.

If you have any better ideas than the ones I’ve put, feel free to comment or send me an e-mail!

Wait ‘Til Next Year, Angels!

26 Oct


So no more Freeway Series. Dodgers got knocked out first. Now my beloved Angels.

In today’s Los Angeles Times, Bill Dwyre proves that even though the Angels has sympathy on their side, it doesn’t guarantee victory. Since pitcher Nick Adenhart’s tragic death early this season, the Angels’ season has been full of hope as a sentimental favorite; possibly another World Series title. That’s not happening this year.

Even though the Angels couldn’t muster the mighty Yankees, I feel certain that they’ll be back again for more next year. Hopefully, with Nick Adenhart smiling somewhere beyond us.

NFL at Wembley Stadium: Will It Go Any Further?

26 Oct


If I didn’t have to go to Amsterdam/Utrecht over the weekend, I would have enjoyed a nice, cold evening at Wembley Stadium (provided I have money for tickets). Why do you say that? Three letters. N-F-L. As an American living abroad, it’s interesting that they try to play a season game abroad. There’s even talk about having a franchise here in London. However, as much as I’d like to see another football game play at Wembley, my gut is telling me that this would fail, and for many reasons:

1) American football is not engrained in the culture: It’s safe to say that the British are no eager to flock to the pub to watch Tom Brady score a touchdown just year.

2) Time zone differences: London is five hours ahead of the East Coast, so if there’s a Sunday afternoon game in London, many people would have to wake up early to watch it. Don’t get me started about Sunday Night Football.

3) Previous failure: The NFL did have a European league for many years: NFL Europa. However, that folded in 2007 because of heavy losses.

Roger Goodell can always dream of seeing a world full of NFL franchises. Until he understands the culture, it’s not going to work out.

By the way,  the Patriots saved the day at Wembley with their win 35-7 against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Sleep–“the best drug ever.”

26 Oct

A friend once told me sleep “is the best drug ever.” He’s right, and I feel quite refreshed. I try to sleep more, and the good thing is I don’t feel sleepy in class. We’ve all been through that. If only we had enough time to sleep.