2011 In Pictures Part II

1 Jan

Of course, outside of my freelancing realm, I actually take photos for fun. Whether it’s capturing the protests in front of the Fullerton Police Department or a day at the park, I enjoy covering what needs to be covered and finding fascinating stuff. Here’s a few things I’ve captured in 2011:

2011 In Pictures From My LA Weekly/OC Weekly Work

1 Jan

What a year! The year 2011 has had its ups and downs, but I was very blessed to work as a freelance photographer for OC Weekly, LA Weekly and other publications. Here’s a sampling of some stories/events I’ve covered in this interesting year. Thank you to all the editors who have worked with me since August and a special thanks to the hundreds of people–from presidential candidates to protesters–I’ve had a pleasure to photograph.

Ed Carrasco/LA Weekly

Ed Carrasco/OC Weekly

Ed Carrasco/OC Weekly

Ed Carrasco/LA Weekly

Ed Carrasco/LA Weekly

Ed Carrasco/LA Weekly

Ed Carrasco/OC Weekly

Ed Carrasco/OC Weekly

Good Tidings

16 Dec


This has been a fascinating year for me (more on my year in review posts). I know I’ve been largely absent from the blogosphere, but my Facebook page and Twitter are always available. However, I feel I need to return to the blogosphere because there’s a lot of things you can’t say in just 140 characters.

That said, The Ed Column is now a temporary site for Ed Carrasco Photography. I am aiming to have a website dedicated to my photography and the like sometime in the next year, but for now this will suffice. While my Flickr and Facebook pages will focus on galleries, this blog site will focus on a select few and I’ll have my two cents on them.

I hope you’ve got your presents ready!

Sleeping in Airports

22 Jul


I don’t know what brought me to sleep inside Vancouver International Airport. It could be that my flight landed at 11:30pm and didn’t get out of customs until almost midnight. It could be that I didn’t want to spend money on a room after midnight. Nevertheless, I found space in the quiet confines of the International Terminal and attempted a good night’s sleep.

If you must sleep at an airport for the evening because hotels are unaffordable and filled up, here are some things to consider:

1) Make sure that airport workers don’t give a crap-At Vancouver’s airport for instance, many security guards and CBSA agents (their equivalent of  Homeland Security) mill around throughout the evening and no one seemed to care whether anyone was snoring or camping in the benches.

2) If you value peace and quiet, avoid families with young children-Not that I have anything against children, but some children either cry a lot or just don’t stop talking and talking and talking and talking.

3) Use a pillow-Did you think the airport workers will give you some for free?

4) Earplugs are your best friend-Seriously. It sure beats having to listen to a cleaning machine circle around your bench at three in the morning.

5) Cover your eyes-Those lights at the airport are really, really not conducive to sleep.

If you follow these instructions, I’m sure the chances of waking up cranky will lessen. That’s my advice, but I’m sure this Sleeping in Airports site will give you more tips.

“Make this a good day…”

16 May

I hope everyone has a good day, courtesy of K-Pop singer IU (It’s her birthday today). Next time you guys invite me to a noraebang, I WILL sing this song!

“Sometimes It Lasts In Love/But Sometimes It Hurts Instead”

24 Apr

First time in years I haven’t do anything family-related for Easter. However, I did celebrate my uncle’s 60th birthday last night, so if you think that counts, by all means do.

That said, the weather is overcast and it showered this morning. Not quite the picture perfect Easter Sunday weather. It’s good to stay at home and just relax. Relaxation also could mean reflection and this song below–“Someone Like You” by Adele–is great to reflect on this day. While everyone is praising “Rolling in the Deep,” I personally think this song is one of her stronger songs.

What Does Bureaucracy Look Like?

18 Apr

Jan Banning seems to know the answer in his gallery aptly titled “Bureaucratics.” The photos depict countless bureaucrats in eight different countries. Here’s a smidgen of these people you love to sneer at:

Photo courtesy of Jan Banning.

Photo courtesy of Jan Banning.